Release time:2022-09-08

Do you want your bike to be lighter & faster than others?Here we go,our lightest XC and gravel hoops have been released,let us to meet our Fully T800 Layup,the Ultra-lightweight series(UL version).

How we can make it lighter than SL version?

As we know that SL version is made with properly combination of T700+T800 material.When the customer asked us whether EIE could manufacture rims with fully T800,so as to make a lighter hoop.Yeah,we have studied it carefully,finally we make it done.In the past ,our engineer always think the wheels will be too stiff and brittle with fully T800 layup.With a precise carbon layup schedule,we carefully adjusted the angels,layers,and application order of our prepreg T800 carbon fiber for our ultimate efficiency.The result is a new series that will redefine the weight of carbon fiber wheels and become your new weapon on the track.

Lighter wheels weight,faster cycling.You will save around 80grams per wheelset compare to the SL version.Especially if you request a extremely light wheels weight,our UL version will offer you various customization specs.

For sure ,UL version also has some limitations:

1.Rider weight needs to be less than 90kg.

2.Only UD weave available .This is because only UD weave can make the lighter layup compare to others weave.

3.Cycling terrain only for XC or CX disc gravel.

4.As T800 is not high TG epoxy resin system,so we do not suggest for rim brake use.

How many models we can choose UL version ,please check following models:

1.Available MTB XC Models:



              A29C22D23                                                   A29C24D24                                    A29C25D25                                                A29C26D18


              A29C29D25                                         A29C30D18                              A29C30D28

2.Available CX GRAVEL Models:

ARG40TC28.jpgARG35TC28H.jpg ARG35TC28.jpgARG40TC28H.jpg 

           ARG35TC28                                           ARG35TC28H                                                ARG40TC28                                                  ARG40TC28H


       ARG45TC28                                          ARG45TC28H                                     ARG50TC28                                              ARG50TC28H

 SRG35TC28H.jpg SRG45TC28.jpg SRG45TC28H.jpg

       SRG35TC28                                           SRG35TC28H                                            SRG45TC28                                            SRG45TC28H

ARG45TC30H.jpg SRG55TC28.jpgSRG55TC28H.jpg  

       ARG35TC30H                                       ARG45TC30H                                               SRG55TC28                                          SRG55TC28H                 

SRG38TC30.jpgSRG38TC30H.jpg SRG50TC30.jpg  SRG50TC30H.jpg

        SRG38TC30                                          SRG38TC30H                                             SRG50TC30                                                SRG50TC30H      



         SR30TC26                                                 SR30TC26H

How to purchase UL version rims/wheels.

Firstly,select the model you need and click to enter this product page.

Secondly,if you want to buy rims,then click”Rims” bottom .If you want to buy wheels,then click”Wheels” bottom.

Thirdly,you can select UL version under the “VERSION” parameter. 

Finally ,follow order steps to process your order accordingly.