Release time:2020-08-20

eie carbon v-shaped mountain bike rim 29inch

The main purpose of this series of products is to solve the problem of dynamic impact.In other words,dynamic impact design was born to solve the traditional hookless carbon rim design problems.Of course,traditional hookless rims are strong, stiff, and light still, but it is are very susceptible to pinch flatting tires especially to run lower tire pressure .Again,once the tire flattened, there was nothing but the tire itself to absorb the impact energy from the tracks. Unfortunately, the flattened tire is often a precursor to the destruction of carbon rims. We are now developing a new V-shaped MTB rim that allows you to ride freely without any speed limit,without the fear of damaged rims .Free from the pressure limit,you’ll find maximum traction, rolling efficiency, and even more speed.

What is this new “ V” shape can bring cycling improvement to you?

1.Greatly impact resistance improvement 

2.A more tolerant buffer area between rim and trail 

3.Improvement in pinch flat resistance over other hook less rims 

4.Ability to run lower tire pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance 

5.We have designed cheaper standard and Ultra-light options to meet the needs of more people.

eie mountain bike rim technology V shape series

Main technology used on rim leading edges

1.The width rim edges is designed for absorb energy and improve hit/ impact

2.Increased the width of the focus edge can dissipate the impact energy and prevent pinch flats

3.V shaped tire bed to facilitate the installation / removal of the tire and ensure tire bead retention under hard cornering with low tire pressures.

4.Standard option is constructed with Fully Toray T700 carbon fiber,the the super light option is constructed with a component of T700 & T800.

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  • visitor Maksim 2021-01-27
    Hello dear Sirs ! In February I want to order from you a pair of the A29C23D19 XC CARBON RIMS. I know that in China in this period will be the "New Year" and all the plants and the post office will be closed. So I need your advice when it will be better to send the order to you, to be sure that, the rims will be delivered to France in the first part of March ? Sincerely, Maksim

    EIE EIE Carbon:

    @Maksim Hi Maksim, Our CNY holiday is scheduled from Feb.7th,2021 to Feb.20th,2021.We will resume to work on Feb.21th,2021.Since the Spring Festival is the peak season for our production, we suggest you place the order to us as soon as possible, so that we can deliver the goods sooner. If you wanna goods to be delivered in the first parts of March ,it would be hard to achieve now as our current production is busy ,so all of our orders are scheduled to be shipped at the end of February or early March.Thus,you have to place an order now ,so your order can be shipped out at the early March. Hope the information helps you. Thanks EIECarbon