Release time:2021-12-09

We have been studying how to make a different product from others, no matter from the design, profile,as well as appearance, we have to pursue different. Following the market demand, EIE successfully has our own coating free process after continuous research, trial and test,we called out it ”IN-MOLD-DECORATION”.

In fact, free coating is an innovative manufacturing process for surface treatment, unlike the traditional coating process, which requires painting the surface to modify the surface defects. 

The new paint-free process does not require painting or polishing, and his finished product is exactly what it looks like once it is come out from the mold, with no additional modifications to make it a perfect product.

However, the manufacturing process is more complicated due to the extreme requirements for appearance. 

In order to make the carbon fiber texture more obvious, we use our own customized epoxy resin for the material, so that the carbon fiber surface of the product is more clear and lifelike without any color difference.


Compared with the traditional painting process, what are the advantages of In-Mold Decoration process?

1. It is more stronger than traditional coated rims as we do not have any post-production like sanding or other measures may hurt carbon fiber strength.

2. More environmentally friendly as a release agent we used to remove the rims is as eco-friendly and the paint coating is not required.

3. Better Scratch-resistant than painted rims.

4. A more advanced looking.

5. Asymmetric profile makes wheels built more durable and stronger.


At present, we only use our no-coating process (IN-MOLD-DECORATION)for three new MTB models listed below:

A29C26D18 for XC use

A29C26D18 rim profileA29C26D18 XC wheels

A29C30D18 for AM use

A29C30D18 rim profileA29C30D18 all mountain carbon wheels

A29C35D18 is for Downhill and Heavy Rider use

A29C35D18 rim profileA29C35D18 enduro carbon mtb wheels


What is product look ?(Close to painting finish:Satin)

 eie new paintless finish satin finish and paintless finish comparison

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If you are interested in purchase the items that is not available for this finish ,but want this kind of technological appearance, you can contact us for assistance. We can consult with our engineers to see whether they can help you customize a special set. But the price will be more expensive.


As for decals, the traditional painting surface is pasted with the water transfer decals. Since the adhesion of the water transfer decals on the paintless surface is not enough, we suggest you to design the graphic as simple and small as possible, so as to avoid the decals peeling off and scratching incurs during riding.

paintless finish with small black glossy eie decalscarbon mtb wheels in mold decoration finish