Release time:2022-09-20

The subversive cycling performance is the greatest feeling that the carbon spoke wheels can bring you.
Nowadays,carbon fiber spokes are nothing new,once used only by professional cyclist,they are now used by most amateur cyclists ,not only for racing ,but also for training.
Brands are also trying to develop carbon fiber spoke wheelsets ,so they are no longer someting too difficult to accomplish.

What are the advantages of carbon spoke wheel sets? Is it worth buying?

1)The lightest wheels weight you can get
Carbon spokes feature a high stiffness to weight ratio that maximizes wheel stiffness while keeping things lightweight.So using carbon spokes can save half weight of high end steel spokes like Sapim CX ray.
Let us talk about a 280mm length spoke to compare for example .The weight of EIE carbon spokes is 2.0g/pcs,but average weight of Sapim CX ray is 4.6g/pcs.
So making a front 24/rear 24H road disc wheels,you can save 124g for one complete wheelset.In this case,it's very easy to make the wheels weight less than 1100g if you choose our SL or UL rim version ,and build with DT Swiss 180 EXP, DT Swiss 240 EXP,Extralite ,Bitex 312 ,Novatec 411/412 these hubs.
Below is our SR30TC26H SL wheels,build with EXTRALITE hubs and EIE carbon spoke ,finally weight 960g,an unprecedented surprising weight.

4206-2.jpg4206-1.jpg4206-6.jpg 4206-4.jpg


2)Carbon fiber spokes have higher tensile strength.
Carbon fiber has higher tensile strength than steel in certain directions.The middle part of EIE carbon spokes are made of radially laid with UD unidirectional cloth to obtain the best tensile performance,the two end threads are made of titannium material to ensure the spoke strength and best assembly with nipples but without increasing weight.The high frequency vibration absorption capacity of carbon fiber spokes is better than that of steel spokes.

3.jpg 5.jpg

7.jpg  6.jpg4.jpg

3)More higher load capacity for carbon spokes
Each spoke is strong enough to carry a load of 430 kgf (more than many spokes and rims can handle)

carbon spoke test.jpg 

 4)Service and maintenance

Service and replacement just like normal steel spoke wheels.
But carbon spokes are not easily well tensioned.You will need a more skillful mechanic to build your wheels with carbon spoke as the spoke tension need to be adjusted more carefully by a special tool and take more time to complete a excellent carbon spoke wheels.

If the spoke is broken, you only need to replace the spoke(we will give an extra carbon spoke for each length as replacement with your order).
The max spoke tension we advised is 110-120kgf slightly lower than steel spoke wheels.

Anyway,if you have any after-sales problems, please reach to us at sales@eiecarbon.We will give the solution at the first time.

5)Well assembly compatibility with all brands of hub
EIE carbon spokes are different from other brand of spokes,which requires specific hubs to match it.Our spokes are compatible with most hubs brand on the market.
So if you want to buy the spoke separately to upgrade your wheelset.That is fine.
But we would advise you to buy one or two pieces more of each length in case your machanic is not good at building this carbon spoke wheels.

Except for all mountain ,enduro and downhill terrain,EIE carbon spoke wheels can be used in all other cycling conditions including cross country,trail,cyclo-cross,road rim brake and disc gravel.

Its price may be the only thing holding you back. As you know that we need to invest more for production and research.So I don't think price is its disadvantage,you get what you pay for.

Carbon spoke are available for all road wheels now ,you can purchase carbon spoke wheels from our website directly.
Firstly ,please enter into product page,then click "Wheels" bottom.
Secondly,selecting the carbon spoke options under "Spoke" configuration.

Lastly,follow order steps to process your carbon spoke wheels order.

So will you upgrade to carbon spoke wheels for your next race?