29ER-I30-D20 New Asymmetric Wide XC Ultralight Weight Carbon Rims And Custom Build Wheels Tubeless Compatible

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    Item: A29C30D20 Warranty: 2 Years
    Size: 29er Material: Toray (SD:T700 | SL:T700+T800 | UL:T800) Rim Type: Clincher W/Hookless Tubeless: Compatible ERD: 599mm Outer Width: 36mm Inner Width: 30mm Depth: 20mm Offset: 2mm Spoke Hole Angle: ±6° Spoke Hole Dia: 4.5mm Valve Hole Dia: 6.5mm Assembly Hole Dia: 7.5mm Weight: AM:360±15g | SL:305±15g | UL:285±15g
    Weave: UD/3K/3K Twill/12K/12K Twill/others Finish: Matte/Glossy/Satin/Paintless/Colored/Others Hole Count: 12H~36H
    Weight Limit: Super Light 90kg/ 198lbs | Standard 100kg/ 221lbs Spoke Tension: 120~130kgf front disc side and rear drive side Tyre Pressure: ≤40psi/ 2.75bar
    Cross County: SL | UL All Mounttion: AM | SL
    1: SD(Standard/Common) version is constructed by fully carbon fiber T700 . 2: SL(Superlight) version is constructed by blend of carbon fiber T700+T800. 3: UL(Ultra-Lightweight) version is constructed by fully carbon fiber T800 .
    Model: DT SWISS 180, DT SWISS 240 EXP, DT SWISS 350, Hope Pro 4, Bitex BX211F / BX211R, Bitex BX212F / BX212R Front Axle Size: 15*100mm, 15*110mm BOOST, 15 *100mm Torque, 15*110mm RS-1, 15*110mm Torque, 20*110mm, 20*110mm BOOST DH, Lefty 2.0 , QR*100mm Rear Axle Size: 12*142mm, 12*148mm BOOST, 12*157mm Super BOOST, 12*150mm, 12*157mm, QR*135mm, Single Speed Driver Body: Shimano MTB 10/11S, Sram XD, Shimano MTB 10/11S Alloy, Sram XD Alloy, Shimano Micro Spline, Shimano Micro Spline Alloy
    Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray,Sapim Race,Sapim D-Ligh,sapim CX Sprint,Pillar Aero X-TRA 1420,EIE Carbon Spoke ECS,Pillar 1423,Sapim Leader Nipples: Aluminium Black, Aluminium Red, Brass Black, Aluminium Blue, Aluminium Gold, Aluminium Green, Aluminium Orange, Aluminium Purple
  • All of our EIE rims share with the following manufacturing technologies:

    1.Super light Weight

    eie carbon bike super light rim T700 and T800 carbon fiber

    T700:The standard XC/AM/DH version were constructed Premium Toray T700 Carbon fiber.

    T700+T800 component:The super light series EIE carbon rim were constructed with properly component of Toray T700+T800.Adding the T800 carbon fiber material makes the rim just as strong,but lighter than regular fully T700 layer-up.


    eie carbon bike rim layer up

    The layer-up of each carbon rim is carefully designed,repeated tests and then determined final standards document.After that,we'll send it to our layer up workers,who apply by hands according to the operating standards.

    They cut the size of the material according to the layer-up instructions to produce materials for every parts,that can be used to increase the strength of the side part of the wheel set,to fit the grooves of the rims,to enhance the impact resistance of the wheels.

    All EIE's carbon rims were manufactured by a one-piece continuous layer.This uninterrupted layer not only produces a stronger rim,but a lighter one!

    3.Angled Hole Drilled By CNC Machine

    angled hole drilled by CNC machine

    The spoke hole angle design of the rim is very important , but its design angle range is limited .

    If the design does not match the design of the spoke hole angle of the hub , the bending phenomenon of the spoke can be generated .

    When our EIE carbon rims drill angled holes,the spacing and angle of each hole are calculated accurately to ensure that when the rim is connected to the hubs through the spokes,no additional pressure is generated around the rim hole.

    We use a high speed CNC machine to drill all the holes to avoid spoke holes area carbon fiber strength reduction ,thus making the wheels build stronger

    4.Smooth Rim Inside Surface

    eie carbon bike technology smooth rim inside surface

    The air bladders are made from a special material which has ability to produce very smoother walls,result in a lighter rim,and are completely removed without harsh chemicals.

    They are removed through the valve hole with a unique process by a skillful workers.So you would not see any patched hole on rim bed,that produces a stronger rim.

    5.Asymmetric Rim Profile

    Working with different spoke tension,spoke angle,and spoke lengths from drive side to non-drive side,the asymmetric rims profile developed the special wheels for better longevity.

    Firstly,moving the spoke holess to the left side of the rim ,the asymmetric design improves spoke tension balance on the wheels system.It means that the wheels is stronger,and spokes less likely to pull through.

    Secondly,the asymmetric rim refuces dishing and the right side spoke tension,which moves lots of weight to the center of the wheel,not the outside.

    So the rim is lighter than symmetric rim.

  • EIE Carbon offers this warranty is aimed to ensure that all products we sell are free from defects and all passed the QC test before shipment.
    EIE Carbon carries 2 years warranty (from the date of purchase) for all carbon bike rims we sell including the existing MTB rims,road rims,fat bike rims,BMX rims and upcoming new models.

    EIE Carbon Offers Warranty For Rims

    1.Within six months from date of purchase
    If the rim quality issue is caused by manufacturing defects.EIE Carbon will send you the free replacement rims and bear the re-sending freight,but other expenses shall be adsorbed by the buyer.

    2.After six months from date of purchase
    Free replace the damaged rims.EIE Carbon and customer shall bear 50% of the freight cost respectively.

    EIE Carbon Offers Warranty For Wheels

    1.Within 6 months from the date of purchase

    1.)Used wheels:
    If the wheels quality is casued by manufacturing defects of rims.EIE Carbon will send you the free replacement rim and bear the reshipment's freight.Meanwhile,we will reimburse the customer with US$30 for the wheels rebuild fee at their local bike shop,but other expenses shall be adsorbed by the customer.

    2.)Unused wheels:
    If the wheels quality is caused by rim manufacturing defects.Then customer is not allowed to use the wheels.EIE has right to ask buyer to send the whole wheels back to us.We will resend new wheels to customer after receiving the returned package within 2 weeks.In this case,EIE will bear the shipping cost for the returned package US$50 at best as well as the shipping cost for reshipment.The shipping cost for returned package will be refunded to customer by PayPal.The other expenses shall be adsorbed by the buyer.

    If the wheels quality is caused by rim manufacturing defects and EIE does not need customer to return it to us.EIE will send the new replacement rims to customer and bear the reshipment's cost.Meanwhile,we will reimburse the customer with US$30 for the wheels rebuild fee at their local bike shop,but other expenses shall be adsorbed by the buyer.

    Other problemds like hubs ,spoke or nipples ,please contact customer service for assistance.We will tell you how to fix it after getting your information.

    2.Six months after the date of purchase
    If the wheels quality is caused by rim manufacturing defects.EIE Carbon will send the replacement rim as well as bear the reshipments freight.But other expenses shall be adsorbed by the buyer.

    More at WARRANTY page.