There are so many different shipping variables and options to choose from, such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc. It is important to give the clients a good idea of when to expect their items. Due to its convenience and security, we choose one of the biggest shipping services for Chinese sellers----EMS. Also, we use EMS to keep the shipping costs low. For faster delivery of most items, you can upgrade your shipping, for an additional fee, to Express Delivery or Premium Delivery. As soon as your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with estimated arrival dates and tracking information.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

EMS delivery speed: around 4-7 days
DHL delivery speed: within 5 days
FedEx delivery speed: 4-5 days

Reasons for undeliverable package

1. Incorrect Address: If the address or post cost are incorrect, the package will be returned to us by the carrier several days later.
2. Incorrect phone number: If the package arrived your home already, nobody is in and the phone is not available, then the package will be returned to us if no one sign in later.
3. Damaged during transport: If a package is damaged on its way to you, the carrier may return it to us without attempting delivery.
4. Refused by Recipient: If a recipient is not expecting a package, they may refuse it if they believe it was sent to them in error.

Can we pickup products at your location?

Sure. This option allows our customers to pick up their order at Xiamen China. Then you can save the shipping cost and maybe the tax.

What if the estimated delivery date has passed and I still don't have my order?

The Estimated Delivery Dates are estimates only, and are not guaranteed. Due to many factors, Estimated Delivery Dates can also change between the time you place the order and receive an order confirmation. We do our best to provide accurate estimates and provide you with several other resources for tracking your order, such as order detail and tracking links. If there is no tracking information, or you cannot locate the package and it is not being returned as undeliverable, please feel free to contact with us at [email protected] or contact an online customer service specialist for assistance.

What happens if my item arrived and it was defective?

We apologize for that inconvenience. Don't worry. Please reject the package when you see that is defective item. Then the packaged will be returned to us and we’ll redo the products for you or arrange a refund.