About Asymmetrical Rim

About Asymmetrical Rim


Working with different spoke tension, spoke angle, and spoke length from drive side to non-drive side, the asymmetrical rims developed the special wheels for better longevity.

Firstly, moving the spoke holes to the left side of the rim, the asymmetric design improves spoke tension balance on the wheel system. It means that the wheel is stronger, and spokes less likely to pull through.

Secondly, the asymmetric rim reduces dishing and the right side spoke tension, which moves lots of weight to the center of the wheel, not the outside. So, the rim is lighter than the symmetrical rim.

-Should I pick a asymmetrical rim or symmetrical rim?

If you can get a lighter and stronger asymmetrical rim then why not?

If you can get a asymmetrical rim with suitable tension then why not?

If you can get a asymmetrical rim increase wheel stiffness and reactivity then why not?

As a result the rear wheel has different spoke tensions, spoke angles, spoke lengths, weight and loads applied from drive to non-drive side. To compensate for this difference and create a more linear and symmetric functionality Fulcrum engineers have developed special asymmetric rims which offer several benefits.

asymmetrical rim and symmetrical rim