Special Technology

Material Advantages

Carbon fiber has been used on bicycles as a high-tech material for the last ten years. Carbon fiber is not strictly a carbon element, but a mixture of carbon elements that are braided and bonded and reinforced by epoxy resin.Carbon fiber is a new type of composite material, which has the advantages of light weight, high specific strength, high specific stiffness, and can be designed and molded easily, thus making the designed structure more efficient.

Super light Weight

T700:The standard XC/AM/DH version were constructed Premium Toray T700 Carbon fiber.

T700+T800 component:The super light series EIE carbon rim were constructed with properly component of Toray T700+T800.We cut the material size of the nipple bead area and strengthen the key parts of spokes to maintain the strength of the overall carbon rims.

Angled hole

The spoke hole angle design of the rim is very important , but its design angle range is limited . If the design does not match the design of the spoke hole angle of the hub , the bending phenomenon of the spoke can be generated .When our EIE carbon rims drill angled holes, the spacing and angle of each hole are calculated accurately to ensure that when the rim is connected to the drum through the stripes, no additional pressure is generated around the rim hole


The layer-up of each carbon rim is carefully designed, repeated tests and then determine final standards document. After that,we’ll send it to our layer up workers, who operate according to the operating standards. They cut the size of the material according to the layer- up instructions to produce materials for any part that can be used to increase the strength of the side part of the wheel set, to fit the grooves of the rims, to enhance the impact resistance of the wheels.

Tubeless Compatible

The rim was designed for tubeless compatible that means It is suitable for tubeless tires. This makes it greatly possible to reduce overall bike weight while improving cycling performance.

High TG Braking surface

The material is a combination of high temperature resistant epoxy resin and carbon fiber.It has excellent heat resistance and the highest test temperature values can be up to 250 degrees Celsius.In general,the maximum of rim TG resin can only reach 180 degrees when biking at high speed.


Spring Festival Special Reward during Holiday Leave

EIE team will be closed office for our 2019 Lunar Spring Festival from 1st,Feb. to 11th,Feb..Here, we are very thankful to all the customer who supported us in 2018, and thank you for your efforts to make us be a trusted brand.In 2019, we are looking forward to meeting you all with qualified product and excellent service as always.

New “V” series Mountain Bike Rim

The main purpose of this series of products is to solve the problem of dynamic impact.In other words,dynamic impact design was born to solve the traditional hookless carbon rim design problems.Of course,traditional hookless rims are strong, stiff, and light still, but it is are very susceptible to pinch flatting tires especially to run lower tire pressure .Again,once the tire flattened, there was nothing but the tire itself to absorb the impact energy from the tracks. Unfortunately, the flattened tire is often a precursor to the destruction of carbon rims.

The Updated EIE product code

As we all know, we now have a lot of carbon bike rims size/type on our shop, and we must develop more and more bike rims for our customer in future.In order to standardize our product code for better product management in the future, and allows customers to read the basic information of bike rim directly from our new product code when purchasing EIE's product .After discussed with our EIE team,we finally decided to update the product code to clarify the rim information more clearly,so as to avoid some unclear errors.

Bike tubeless wheels --the perfect gift

For real sense of UST wheels are also sealed from the wheel spokes. There are no spoke holes on the spoke bed. But it's more difficult to install and to seat on the rim properly. If spokes broke, it will be a headache to change the spokes.