The Updated EIE product code

As we all know, we now have a lot of carbon bike rims size/type on our shop, and we must develop more and more bike rims for our customer in future.In order to standardize our product code for better product management in the future, and allows customers to read the basic information of bike rim directly from our new product code when purchasing EIE's product .After discussed with our EIE team,we finally decided to update the product code to clarify the rim information more clearly,so as to avoid some unclear errors.

Design and production free-decal

The custom decal cost is as least USD50. BUT, currently, we provide a competitive decals cost(sell the decals at a loss) for our customers. Hope you can try our bicycle rims and love them.

Bike tubeless wheels --the perfect gift

For real sense of UST wheels are also sealed from the wheel spokes. There are no spoke holes on the spoke bed. But it's more difficult to install and to seat on the rim properly. If spokes broke, it will be a headache to change the spokes.

About Asymmetrical Rim

The rim is drilled off center. These make the wheels stronger by allowing the spoke tension to be similar between drive-side and non-drive-side spokes.