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S26C27D30 33mm wide 26er rim, carbon bike race riding tubeless compatible, for 26 inch enduro mountain bikes

It is a improved rim based our past experience. It is strong enough for all rocky mountain bikes like all mountain biking and downhill racing. 33mm wide & 30mm deep MTB 26er carbon rim.

[26er] [S26C27D30] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:AM:385+/-15g,DH:440+/-15g ] [Price:$157.00]

S26C23D22 26er carbon bicycle rim XC tubeless compatible

[26er] [S26C23D22] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:360g+/-15g ] [Price:$148.00]

S29C22D24 29er rim 27mm wide, lightweight 29er carbon rim, Race, XC cross country

The hookless rims tubeless is light for 29er cross country bike and strong which allows you to conquer the nastiest terrain confidently and go fast over rock surface.

[29er] [S29C22D24] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:360+/-15g ] [Price:$155.00]

S29C30D25 35mm wide 29er rims beadless for bicycle trail and mountain bike enduro, tubeless compatibility

wide, stiff, lightweight 29er all mountain rim which is high quality, ride in many different location, really impressive.

[29er] [S29C30D25] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:AM:420+/-15g, DH:465+/-15g ] [Price:$160.00]