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A29C29D25S asymmetric rim super light 29er 35mm width mtb rims

The unique asymmetric profile balances drive and non-drive side spoke tension to create a more durable and long lasting 29 inch mountain bike wheelset. The new performance oriented 29 inch hookless bike rim A29C29D25S is light, durable, well-balanced and the perfect upgrade for your 29er mountain bike.

[29er] [A29C29D25S] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:AM:360+/-15g ] [Price:$199.00]

S29C30D25 35mm wide 29er rims beadless for bicycle trail and mountain bike enduro, tubeless compatibility

wide, stiff, lightweight 29er all mountain rim which is high quality, ride in many different location, really impressive.

[29er] [S29C30D25] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:AM:420+/-15g, DH:465+/-15g ] [Price:$160.00]

S29C30D28 AM hookess MTB bike carbon rims tubeless compatible

This new 29er wide rim is with light weight carbon fiber material, super wide profile and the option to run nearly most tire width size on them. It provides great tire fit, tubeless setup and maximum strength for the ultimate downhill, enduro, all-mountain riding.

[29er] [S29C30D28] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:435+/-15g ] [Price:$170.00]

A29C34D25 29er downhill rim 40mm wide, carbon bike Enduro riding, Asymmetrical rim carbon

Asymmetrical 40mm wide 29er rims handle a wide range of riding including all-mountain, Enduro, mountain biking and freeride for heavier or aggressive riders. Do much with jumping and drops and heavy impacts.

[29er] [A29C34D25] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:AM:430+/-15g,DH:480+/-15g ] [Price:$160.00]