S29C24D20 29er carbon bike rim XC MTB bike tubeless compatible

[29er] [S29C24D20] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:380+/-15g ] [Price:$160.00]

A29C24D24 Cross country, All mountain, Asymmetrical Rim 29 inch, 30mm wide 29er rim

The rim is drilled off center which makes the wheel stronger by allowing the spoke tension to have better spoke balance drive-side and non-drive-side wheels. Asymmetrical design helps the wheelset get a more suitable tension.

[29er] [A29C24D24] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:AM:385+/-15g, XC:365+/-15g ] [Price:$152.00]

A29C24D24S super light 29er XC carbon bike rims 24mm tubeless compatible T800 available

The weight of this rim is a new series of lightest bikes.Specifically aimed at racer who are looking for every possible advantage during racing.Our goal is to produce the carbon MTB rim as lighter as possible without sacrificing performance.By modifying each step in the production process, finally we developed this stronger ,lighter,scientific structure rim.

[29er] [A29C24D24S] [MTB] [Weight:320+/-15g ] [Price:$199.00]

A29C25D22 asymmetric 29 inch XC carbon rims cross country light MTB bike rims

The unique asymmetric mtb rims profile balances drive and non-drive side spoke tension to create a more durable and long lasting 29 inch bicycle rims. The new performance oriented hookless mtb 29er rims is light, durable, well-balanced and the perfect upgrade for your 29er bike rims.

[29er] [A29C25D22] [mountain bike rim] [Weight:360+/-10g ] [Price:$150.00]