[ETV01]carbon rims tubeless valve stem

[ETV01]carbon rims tubeless valve stem EIE Carbon
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Rims Depth Recommended Length
under 26mm 35mm
27mm~34mm 44mm

The alloy tubeless bicycle valves are very lightweight and are compatible with all of our rims. They are anodized black for durability and have a removable valve core so you can add sealant without removing your tire. It has a unique concave base. The rubber o-ring fits in between the rim and the concave base to seal out any water.


1. Use a pen knife or utility knife to make a very small “x” in the tubeless tape over the valve hole.

2. Remove the collar, o-ring and dust cap from the valve. Tighten the valve core and presta cap.

3. Push the valve stem into the hole and twist as you push until it is all of the way down.

4. Put the rubber o-ring onto the valve stem so that it slides all of the way down onto the rim.

5. Screw the collar onto the valve stem so that the concave base is facing the o-ring. The idea is to sandwich the o-ring between the collar and the rim.

6. Push down on the rubber base of the valve stem as you tighten the collar, and keep pushing until the collar is hand tight and the rubber base mushrooms out. This is how the valve creates a tubeless seal.

7. The o-ring should be invisible in most cases at this point and the valve should not be able to move side to side easily, or you may need to tighten more.